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Not a Toy: Radical Character Design in Fashion and Costume: Fashioning Radical Characters

Leigh Bowery, Dazed Digital

Leigh Bowery

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Leigh Bowery influence in today's art and fashion scene is undeniable. Here's a pic from London's menswear brand Sibling inspired by Leigh's style.

Imagine his embarrassment when he arrived at the party and someone else was wearing the exact same outfit! Now THIS is a yarn bomb!

Leigh Bowery © Werner Pawlok

What made Leigh Bowery so legendary?

A pivotal figure in London’s clubbing and LGBT history is being celebrated at an event this May. Time Out tells the story of Leigh Bowery, a man who turned life into performance art.

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Karen Elson wearing John Galliano, Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, September Makeup by Pat McGrath.