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the parts of a door frame
Soundproofing Doors – Cheap Door Sweep Soundproofing Materials in USA
Soundprofing door. Most obvious fix is to ~$35 add door sweep, If gap to ground >0.75" need to build out bottom of door. In addition to this, could consider (1) replacing door with thicker exterior door, and/or (2) adding rubber gasket at door-door interface.
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How to sound proof home theater room ceiling
How to sound proof home theater room ceiling
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Acousti-coat is a new innovation in sound proof paint. The technology behind the paint is developed by NASA and the paint is water and latex based. The paint contains resin, ceramic microspheres and other sound absorbing fillers. The combined efforts of these ingredients is that sound is reduced by 30% with this sound proof paint.
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Soundproofing Barriers & Noise Control Barriers
Sound Proofing Quiet Barrier® MD soundproofing material (1/8 in. 1 lb./sqft.) is a high density, non porous material that exhibits a non-resonant quality due to its flexible nature, and is one of our most popular soundproofing products. The Quiet Barrier® family products control noise by blocking the transmission of sound energy and damping vibrations caused by sound energy.
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Heavy Acoustical Rubber Flooring Underlayment/Padding - 19db Decrease - Impact Sound Reduction - Home Theater Sound Reduction - 5mm thick - Recycled Rubber - Made in the USA - 200sq Ft Roll by Sound DIY Brand,
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Saarpor Sound Proof Insulating Liner
Saarpor Sound Proof Insulating Liner....soundproof walls without ripping out the plaster + heat insulation and protection from damp to boot. Perfect solution! covers 8 sq ft per roll
the parts of a suspended ceiling
Soundproofing a ceiling
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Staggered studding allows for sound-proofing fiberglass insulation. Source: Better Homes and Gardens
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Quiet rock: mold resistant and sound proof Holmes on Homes sound proofing episode. Used this brand in the episode
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How to Soundproof a Room
DIY strategies for soundproofing your home office.
the layers of wood are labeled in this diagram, including ceiling boards and flooring joists
Soundproofing a Ceiling : How-To : DIY Network