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For a free to play game planetside 2 has amazing graphics. Made by sony the game is soon to be released on the playstation 4 but no way could it handle the amount of players the pc can. One battle on pc has roughly 1000 players in a war.

Five things you need to know before enlisting into PlanetSide on PS

This is crysis 3. Using the crytek engine the crysis franchise has achieved amazing graphics as you can see in the picture. The weapon (Bow And Arrow) looks amazing. The detail added to it such as the shadow of the players arm on the bow, the metal tip of the arrow shining in the sun light just makes the game look that much more realistic. The explosion in the background looks as realistic as it can get even in comparison to battlefield 4 the new release to the battlefield franchise.

The official Crysis site. Everything you need to know about Crysis. Check out the latest news, videos, and images for all Crysis games.

This picture illustrates photorealism. The battlefield franchise has been know to create some of the best graphical most realistic FPS game to date with battlefield 4 being on next gen consoles and PC, the graphics look to the point were you can see the sweat drip of the players face as shown in the picture.

We are just a couple of hours away from the Battlefield 4 launch reveal and the gameplay details along with first in-game screenshots have already started to hit various web portals.