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Art journal pages and scrapbook inspiration - ideas for travel journaling, art journaling, and scrapbooking.

Foreword: The Photograph as Contemporary Art, by Melinda Gibson by Aaron Schuman September 2012

Melinda Gibson's series 'The Photograph as Contemporary Art' adheres to this theory, quite literally. She 'sticks things together' – in this case, sliced-up images culled directly from the pages of Charlotte Cotton's seminal book, The Photograph as Contem


Please Mind The Gap: Late Evening Train Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 SOLD Bethany Milam

Zachary Johnson | Tumblr - Lonely Cities (Artist found via angrywhistler).

Architectural Sketches - Artist Sketches Each Lonely City He Moves To - Zachary Johnson screen and lino printing, used as a background illustration

Through drawing on train tickes I wanted to connect the offical documention with the regular people I see on my commute to college.

moving drawing so that each ticket with a different drawing can be videos so that its a short film of someones "journey".

Please Mind The Gap: Liverpool To London Euston Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 5”x 4” Sold

Please Mind The Gap: Liverpool To London Euston Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 including frame

Rupert Van Wyk, 2011

I love the abstract of the people in the foreground versus the detailed Big Ben behind - this explores the relationship between the people and places again. Rupert Van Wyk, 2011 Discuss how time passes, what changes and what stays the same

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collage and mono print the different texture and colour background Picking key colours from landscape for collage background

Amazingly talented Stephen Wiltshire - Whitehall, London drawn from memory!

Stephen Wiltshire - The human camera - Autistic artist who draws city skylines from memory

Tobias Till. U - Underground, London A-Z. Complete Boxed Set linocuts, 2012. http://www.tobias-till.co.uk/. [Pinned 9-iv-2015]

"U - Underground" from “London A-Z” Complete Boxed Set linocuts by Tobias Till, 2012