Pompom Inspiration - – - – - – - – - – - – - - // Neon pompoms as wall decorations. // Pompom jewellery (the third from bottom is my favourite…love those colours). // Pompom garland from etsy seller Depeapa. // Miniature pompoms made with forks.


Pompom Inspiration - you can create garlands, jewelry, ornaments and more with pom poms!

paper dolls

Paper dolls Mom bought me a new set every time she and my best friends mom went shopping we both got new sets

Jelly Bags

Pink plastic basket purse vintage 80s

pink plastic basket purse vintage mine was yellow! Carried it as a beach bag.

I remember this!

Fisher Price Melody Push Chime - my oldest son on his first birthday started walking with this.

soap on a rope I remember getting one of these as a gift - they were a novilty in the 60's and 70's

I was just talking about these soaps with someone the other day! Vintage Avon Soap-on-a-Rope. Thought these were so cool when I was a kid!

Les vinyls

Disk Go Case - with 30 vinyl 45's Tina Turner - Commodores -Reserved

Ten Time Inspired Tunes- Time Trax Playlist via Vinyl Tempest

loving you barbie #childhood #barbie #80s

My Loving You Barbie. The thing I like specially with this one, is her hairline is straight. You don´t find that of many others Loving you Barbies.

Tiny Tears - I remember the excitement on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my tiny tears - she was my best friend for years

Taught me all I know about motherhood - stopped giving her a bottle so i didn't have to change the nappy. Then there was teeny tiny tears:)

Things I remember from my childhood

sweat bands - Yes. One on each wrist, one across my forehead, my short shorts blue with white piping, t-shirt and rollerskates!

Casdon Vintage Toy Till ...had this! Remember running out of receipt roll and trying to make more

Casdon Vintage Toy Till Cash Register I loved this and you even had a place to put the till roll.