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Photomontage/COLLAGE - I thought this was an interesting way to represent the connection between humans and nature. I liked the impression given by this abstract style.

Foreword: The Photograph as Contemporary Art, by Melinda Gibson by Aaron Schuman September 2012

Melinda Gibson's series 'The Photograph as Contemporary Art' adheres to this theory, quite literally. She 'sticks things together' – in this case, sliced-up images culled directly from the pages of Charlotte Cotton's seminal book, The Photograph as Contem

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// nicola kloosterman

Nicola Kloosterman (The Netherlands)Eduardo week Media.I am intrigued by the ambiguous forms created by the layering of limbs and textures. I think the simple, clean lines created by the collaged elements makes these works effective.

damien blottiere - Google Search

Damien Blottiere collage - A great artist to study if you like photography, composition and mixing tradition and digital media.

Paintings and illustrations by Nina Valkhoff; collage portrait

Collage 'Portrait' by Nina Valkhoff (Netherlands) Paper and Glue. An amazingly constructed collage, utilising newsprint for shawdowing, layering and overall whole construction of work.

Experimental Portraits by Ellie Apolston

Experimental Portraits by Ellie polston

Fashion Mixed-Media Collages by Eugenia Alejos

Fashion Mixed-Media Collages by Eugenia Alejos

source : trendland artist/ pablo thecuadro fashion spreads by hedi slimane, dan giuliani advertising campaigns, illustrator and art director eugenia alejos _ collection photographie professionnelle créative collage (fashion) model/ devon aoki

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