Zoo in my Hand AUTEUR Sunkyung Kim ÉDITEUR Les Éditions du livre GENRE Livre d’activités DIRECTION ARTISTIQUE Sunkyung Kim TYPOGRAPHIE Fontenew de Fanette Mellier

Zoo in my hand - Sunkyung Kim (France) - book of cutout paper animals

Calligraphy done with paper pulp make up these sculptures by Miriam Londoño “The structure of these books intend to trigger meanings in the mind: what makes a book? Is it the words or the pages, or both? Seen as a sieve of ideas, the books stop being page-by page compilations, to be transformed into fragile nets catching language’s essentials metaphors.”

Text Art: Miriam Londoño visual texts where words rather than written on paper are themselves made ​​of paper through structures made up of lines in space, allowing light to filter through and shadows to emerge.

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Mountains of the Moon by Stephen Livingstone - handmade book with drawings made from pine ash ink on Chinese paper - multi layered magic box

#hackneydowns #sketchbook #posca #london #july2016

Illustrations by Tom Haugomat His work is characterised by it’s minimalistic forms and distinctive use of limited colours.

field and hedgerow: Printing

Great idea for a travel journal? Inspiration: Field & Hedgerow's prints and handmade books, Kickcan & Conkers

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Book art by Louisa Boyd- Aether, Leather hand bound artist's book. Detail of cut and printed internal page.

expo livre accordéon à suspendre 1 face

Cas Holmes_Lace Flowers unfolding forms combining an old book on lace making with Kantfabriek lace and lace floral curtains.

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What an interesting project! Ask your School Librarian for damaged or discarded books!