Skin heads in London. 1980's

Skinheads generally preferred shirts to T-Shirts, Sleeves rolled high. Punks had a lot more freedom in their attire.

Don't care what anyone says but Skin Heads have style

skinheads girls

Two skinhead girls photographed on a bank holiday in Brighton (an image later used by Morrissey on the Your Arsenal tour).

London style, 1959.

holdhard: “Mike Beby and Nicholas Villiers, Pelham Crescent by Patrick Lichfield ”

Grunge London Style.

Lua of Le Happy in a Saltwater Gypsy Vintage Collar Tip Blouse! Dress belted w/ jacket

British Skin Head Style

where have I seen this look before?

#london #style

Think Fred Perry Has To Be Preppy? This is definitely the least preppy context in which I’ve ever seen a Fred Perry shirt modeled. The suspenders and bleached hair and white socks makes the look so.

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