Interesante interpretar la estructura de las manos

Learn the logic of drawing hands and apply it to different view angles in your fashion sketches and illustrations. my hand drawings are awful

Feminine poses, copying these for fashion sketches is really effective

Females do not stand on their toes all the time like that, but these are good basic fashion and pin up poses Sketch

“Yo no vivo a través de mis personajes , yo los inventé de la A a la Z. Cada línea, cada hebra , cada volumen, cada patrón que dibujo sobre e36

Jeremy Combot- Crazy Colored Fashion Illustration Jeremy Combot is a freelance illustrator from France.

Rocío Montoya | LIFEWITHBIRD

New collaboration with the australian fashion label Lifewithbird for “Abstraction” – Summer made an artistic interpretation of the collection through five artworks with the technique of collage.

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