Elastic band I am the place where I am Tasks: Photography, concept development, art direction and retouching. Designed and made in collaboration with Maria de Gibert.

Erin Ciulla, Canada: Phase I. Suitcase containing miniature books with mixed media, found materials and hand made paper.

Oh heaven! Two of my favorite things - tiny books and a suitcase! Suitcase full of tiny tiny books by Adriana.

Self promotion on Behance More:

A beautifully done interactive magazine. This will be a cool OOH idea for a brand campaign. The interactive element definitely draws people attention and create actual interactions.

"undressing" zine pages

my first self-published zine inspired by a series of drawings of undressing haory men stuck in their t-shirts

Zine display

A Tiny Book / marking 5 years of past and present work from Femmes Regionales, a Danish design agency.

Mini zine concertina book HOW to BEFRIEND a by FayeMoorhouse

Mini zine concertina book || HOW to BEFRIEND a TIGER

Inkjet printed onto lovely thick off white cartridge paper. In small manilla envelope The reverse of each book is signed and dated by the artist in pencil.

Blown And Fallen by Alisa Golden, 2007 -  Playing with An Accordion #tutorial #handmade_books

Blown and Fallen, 2007 I like making books with pages that breathe. Translucent paper, cutouts, and divided pages are a few of the ways .