"Brody" by Neville Brody (b. English) ~ [Though Brody rejected all commercialisation of his graphic style, his unique designs soon became much-imitated models for magazines, advertising and consumer-oriented graphics of the eighties].

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Your Generation X record cover, Inspired by El Lissitzky catalogue cover Designed by Barney Bubbles,

Cabaret Voltaire: Microphonies (1983/84)

Cabaret Voltaire – Micro-Phonies: Neville Brody 1984

Print 26/41. "Rules of Grafic Design" series

Print 26/41. "Rules of Grafic Design" series

Size: 12 x Paper: Lighter-weight card stock Printing/production: University of Pennsylvania's, The Common Press. About: Double-sided. Very sharp edges and corners. This might have been printed ov


New Channel 4 identity by creative dream team of Jonathan Glazer, Neville Brody and DBLG

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Awesome but I feel like that white stripe and weird red stripe kill the design.

Various designs from Saville, Carson and Brody

Respect Thy Typography

Clockwise from top left: Saville’s cover for Hard-Fi: Once Upon a Time in the West, Carson’s High Priority spread for NY magazine, Nike ad by Neville Brody