fabulous three-color Collograph printing lesson has great photos and simple materials!!!!

fabulous three-color Collograph printing lesson has great photos and simple materials. (known also as a Collagraphy)

Chrissy Norman, Suffolk, England. Printmaker artist. "Cromer Pier on a stormy summer weekend". 12.5x25.5cm Edition 60.

Chrissy Norman(British) Distant Pier © Chrissy Norman yama-bato: Love the composition used here.

Block Printing with Polystyrene - hate the stuff but could be interesting

Create block printing tiles with polystyrene. Experiment with complimentary and harmonious colours. Develop further using lino if you are feeling confident.

Carolyn Counnas Fine Artartist ...step-by-step with collograph and chine colle

I then top roll with additional color for depth, as these inks will mix together during printing. Carolyn Counnas Fine Art, Thousand Oaks, California, USA.

Shropshire Hills, collagraph by Ann Burnham.

Shropshire Hills, collagraph by Ann Burnham. What is a collagraph -

Monotype Print by April Jordan. "Rainbow Dill"

Monotype Print by April Jordan - Rainbow Dill - Dandilions in Blue Mood - Tattoo

Mary Cossey : greenwich-printmakers

The upper half of this piece where the branches cross over is really interesting - because if you isolated them they might not even look like branches. Really like the darker colours in this.

collagraph plate

Artistic Designer - Contemporary Approaches to Textile Design and Surface Pattern & Print Collections

The lovely Niyati's collographed aliums.

I am a printmaker specialising in collagraph printing, a technique using collage and texture. A collagraph is a print made from a plate that's built up from anything you can stick down.

Printmaking without a Press

printmaking without a press with Linda Germain: gelatin plate monotype print