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Kim Thittichai- cellophane , hand painting and heat gun

Extreme Surfaces for Stitch - West Dean College July 17 - 20

Mary's beautiful composition of painted Bondaweb, newspaper, foils, gilding flake and jewel dots - and seaweed! Every now and then in your teaching life you come across a 'super' group. 'Super' in the the way they work together, share their materials and experience and of course they produce some fabulous work. It is particularly unusual to find this on a three day course - it is something I would associate with much longer course. Nine students who have never met before with the widest…

CAROLYN SAXBY MIXED MEDIA TEXTILE ART: stitching a purple sea garden and other dreamy thoughts

stitching a purple sea garden and other dreamy thoughts

textile artist photography and mixed media - Carolyn Saxby Textile Art St Ives Cornwall


Week 17 - Monoprints and Manipulated Fabric Panel

This week we were using acrylic paint on fabric to create different effects. We started by stippling some calico with a dry brush using 2 colours - blue and yellow in my case, resulting in lots of green and looking like a flowery meadow! Then we moved on to using a diffuser and thin paint to give an effect like airbrushing, holding a piece of ripped paper in front of the fabric to act as a mask so that some parts stayed white. Then we moved on to a way of making monoprints on glass. We put…

Autumn | Wall hanging by Jenny Beasley. She used memories of… | Flickr


Wall hanging by Jenny Beasley. She used memories of a South Yorkshire childhood to inform this piece. I thought it deserved a wider audience so I persuaded her to let me photograph it. Mixed media

emilysladentextiles | Recycled Embroidery

Emily Sladen I Contemporary Embroidery Artist I Isles of Scilly

Emily Sladen Contemporary Embroidery Artist, St Agnes Isles of Scilly, Embroidery Magazine, Mix Magazine Bradford Textile Society Winner, New Designers Show

Insomnia series continues - Journal - paula kovarik

Insomnia series continues — paula kovarik

Insomnia 2, Paula Kovarik, 2013 I have made progress on the second insomnia piece. Originally I wanted to show the difference between a sound sleeper and one who has more difficulty filtering out the brain games. But, when I started talking to other people about how their sleep patterns resolve