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Crochet Great for a wreath

this is my Autumn Wreath "deconstructed". The wreath consists of 83 individual crochet pieces, a beautiful labour of.


Lucy never fails to wow. Links to all the patterns for various leaves flowers and other resources in this post. - I really like those pinecones!

Decorative Crochet 25cm Daisy Wreath

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do. A wreath decorated with simple cotton crocheted daisies embellished with a crocheted bumble bee and a couple of cheeky ladybirds.

Door Crest "Winter Teddy"

With this crochet pattern you can crochet your own door crest, which doesn't only fit in the Christmas time. Through the whole winter this crest warmly welcomes every visitor and decorates your house.

Tür-Kranz häkeln - DIY Sommer-Deko häkeln ✓✓

Tür-Kranz häkeln - DIY Sommer-Deko häkeln ✓✓