Anais Anais - this was a MUST have way back when

Oh, to be an adolescent in the for a bit--reading teen magazines, and wearing Anais Anais or Lauren.

Cutlery like my Grandma had

Australia / Vintage bone-handled cutlery, once found in every Aussie kitchen drawer.

Vintage Medical Chemist Tin Germolene Aseptic Ointment Veno Drug Company St Helens Lancashire Circa 1950s Exhibition Awards

Item - Vintage Germolene Ointment Tin complete with most of it s original contents of Pink Germolene still got that very distinctive smell Circa

Soft centre fruit maternal grandmother always had some in the cupboard (1950 - 56) in Nelson Road, Chingford.

loved these! Fruit Filled Nuncas (Polish candy with a fruit center) from my childhood

we had lots of these when we were kids

Vintage retro tissue bell shaped Christmas garlands decorations, couldn't see the ceiling for these things!

Pantry unit

kitchen unit - in our case, cream coloured with pale blue cupboards - the large central section opened out to provide a work surface with storage behind and the bottom cupboards were vented for storage of fresh food.

Vintage Cherry Blossom - polishing your shoes regularly

The Games Factory 2

Vintage Cherry Blossom - polishing your shoes regularly.itchy dabbers (hopscotch for the posh ) and kicky the tin. Filled with soil to weight it so you kicked it from one square to the other. I of course was a grand ma

Loved collecting the stamps for my Mum.

Loose Tea and saving the stamps.My gran used to save the stamps on a card. We got into Saturday morning pictures with an empty tea packet when Brooke Bond did a special show. My cousin won a bendy rubber monkey, around 1964 I

Genuine vintage 4711 Eau de Cologne I have the bottle which still has perfume

My Mum used this, and we used it at school to clean our violin bows. I still have a bottle in my violin case.

Strange contents of the medicine cabinet.

Milk of Magnesia & Optrex, they pretty much covered every medical situation, along with Savlon. I hated the chalky taste of milk of magnesia :

PLJ Lemon Juice...this used to make your cheeks suck in!

PLJ Lemon Juice

PLJ Lemon Juice, mum always drank this.very sour, so us kids used to put tons…

Hogmanay wis never the same withoot a wee dose o' Andy Stewart.

New years Eve was always celebrated with Andy Stewart bringing in the New Year.

Ajax scouring bleach

Ajax scouring bleach