Female Character Meme: an antagonist - Alice Morgan (Luther) Innocence is a negative. It’s the absence of guilt. nice text/image interaction, grungey/peeled effect to give extra meaning/hide elements.


Frida Kahlo - Mexican artist - one of my favourite people with such an interesting life story shared through her art. Muray, Nickolas (b. Hungary, Frieda Kahlo ca 1940

Michelangelo Pistoletto, The Ears of Jasper Johns / Minus Objects, 1966 Fill in the middle, art project.

French Sampler: Fabulous Photographer, David Seidner

Reflections and refractions in water, again, it is interesting that you can see the original and the reflected portrait in the same image, the white space between them is interesting. The Last Doll Standing: Work by the late David Seidner

Portal Porthole

Art as fashion. This is actually a broach, a lovers gaze captured forever, to be…

Doublefaced by Sebastian Bieniek

You Can Never Unsee These Eerie Double Faces

beautiful tale of time. Great pic!

Photographer: ©Betina La Plante, PLACE PEOPLE, 2012 World Open of Photography, Photo Description: Actor Terence Stamp holding a photograph of himself taken 35 years earlier.

ÉCAL students examine the selfie at PhotoBooth exhibition.

ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne PhotoBooth exhibition Milan 2015