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Life Hacks and other Cool Inventions: I think the key hole would be great for people with certain disabilities, not just drunk. I don't let drunk people into my home.

My mother used to cut these little "love is" cartoons out and send them to me when I was in the Military....what a fun memory.

I can't think of a more larger-than-life joy than seeing him again for the first time, safe and alive. I would never wish an Afghanistan deployment on even my worst enemy.

my man is the best about this. He will cringe but he let's me keep my feet on him.

You can put your cold feet on me forever Baby! I love it because I know that you're laying right beside me. I love you Tasha, cold feet and all!

Love Is... thinking of him first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Love is. Comic Strip, Love Comic, Love Quotes, Love Pictures - Love is. Comics - Comic for Fri, Jan 2011

its true!

love is. letting her have most of the blankets. Apparently, I steal the blankets all the time.

Puzzle table

Puzzle hidden storage stool- I want one so I can hide stuff in it and leave cryptic messages that leads to one thing and another and eventually leads to this box.