Cindy Sherman - Cindy Sherman uses a variety of disguises and costumes to hide her true identity and take on other roles

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Cindy Sherman (Saw this at the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago, it's amazing in person).

Cindy Sherman Untitled 153 1985 Desensitization of violence towards women

Cindy Sherman(herself), via Flickr.

Photograph by David Seidner. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures. (Madison Museum of Contemporary Art) “Cindy Sherman is a photographer who uses herself as model. But Sherman’s.

Cindy Sherman @Ashtyn McCurdy McCurdy McCurdy McCurdy McCurdy Fiala we learned about this/her with Santelli!!

Tastes of Cindy: Drag artists re-enact Cindy Sherman portraits from SFMOMA show

jo spence

jo spence (self identity)

Jo Spence

Confronting, intimate, honest and uncomfortable

Spence used role play and narration to confront her emotional issues, this image stems from her turbulent relationship with her mother, ”Photo Therapy: My Mother as a War Worker (collaboration with Rosy Martin)”,

Jo Spence (self identity)

Jo Spence, Transformations, The Portraitive-Self in Context.

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Jo Spence

Jo Spence Self Portrait Photography