like boomerang. their karma is how they treat you . your karma is how you react . forgive everyone everything and your karma will be sweet


dreamscape- the mist in this photo really captures the haze and looseness of being in a dream , the idea of using perspective to define colours , bringing the darker tones forward and leaveing the ligther ones almost blurred in the back ground


Dream analysis: great picture: "the eye in the sky" as the self that knows -- the objective psyche


40 Beautiful Examples of Vexel Art Illustrations

Spring Dreams....

Can I lay in this lovely hammock all day today? This would be a great hammock for photoshoots too! I now need a lace trimmed hammock.


and Believe in Dreams - Keep Calm and Carry On: Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information

Indigo Dreams

When I was 6 years old my father passed on and his beautiful black horse Star decided I was her person.


nastya kusakina photographed by jeff bark & styled by robbie spencer for dazed & confused, march 2013


Paris - this pic just kinda speaks to your heart and makes you remember those romantic dreams you had as a little girl.


Reverend Michael Alans Big Dreams Dream Catchers These symbols of good fortune are thoughtfully created by hand in Philadelphia, Penna.