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Neville Brody Typography and photography Black and white The Typography and Photography stands out I picked this image because of the colour and the image looks very creative and it very good laid

Neville Brody (United Kingdom)

Neville Brody, coca cola design, a design advertising coca cola in where he has used the outline and shape of the coca cola bottle to make an almost optical illusion/psychedelic pattern, i like this piece because it is eye catching and simple without losi

The Face Magazine cover by Neville Brody / Volume 1 Nº 59, March, 1985.  wish I had kept all my copies....

Critique of Designer – Neville Brody

The Face March Buffalo Style Felix Howard Ray Petri Jamie Morgan Nick Logan Neville Brody

Cross Typography by Neville Brody

I love how the text makes the shape of a cross. The plain backround makes the typography stand out even more.

FontFont logo by Neville Brody

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