Step behind the scenes with Maison Roshi. Discover the production process behind our luxury arcade cabinets, get inspiration for games to play on your bespoke…
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Justice League Arcade Game: Minato Retro Inspired Arcade Cabinet
Justice League is one of the thousands of iconic arcade games available on the Minato arcade. This classic action retro game, inspired by the superhero world and characters is a favourite across generations and types of gamers. Discover over 1000 retro games on the Minato arcade cabinet. Available in over 10 nostalgic colorways, with customisable premium arcade elements.
Barbie Arcade Game: Minato Retro Inspired Arcade Cabinet
Ever heard of the Barbie arcade game? This race type retro game, inspired by the iconic Barbie world and characters, is an under-appreciated classic. Discover over 5000 retro games on the Minato arcade cabinet, available in over 10 nostalgic colourways, with customisable elements.
Elevated Games Night with Maison Roshi
POV: it's your turn to host games night. Who says that hosting games night is a relic of times past? Not us. Get all the games night setup inspiration via Maison Roshi's website, and discover your dream retro arcade setup to take your games collection to a new level. Elevate your games night with Maison Roshi.
Studio Stories: Production of the Senpai V3 in Hampton Gold
The Senpai V3 arcade can be customised with the Hampton Gold fabric from Blackpop, to match your arcade to your unique design palette. Step behind the scenes as we prepare the fabric for arcade upholstering, and get a glimpse into the final product outcome.
Experience Over 5000 Retro Games: Sensei Arcade Cabinet
The Sensei arcade cabinet is handmade from oak, with various customisable details. This arcade is simply unique - it's crafted not only to elevate various exquisite spaces as a unique piece of home decor but also to provide unbridled retro entertainment. The arcade comes equipped with over 5000 arcade games for you to dive into. Shop the Sensei arcade collection at Maison Roshi, or find us at Selfridges London, Connect Paris or Segraeti Monte-Carlo.
Discover Unbridled Retro Entertainment
Each Maison Roshi arcade come equipped with over 5000 arcade classics, ready for you to dive into. With plenty of nostalgic charm, this Looney Tunes game is one of our favourites 🏀 Dive into the nostal-chic world of Maison Roshi!
Studio Stories: Producing a luxury arcade cabinet
Step behind the scenes into the production process behind the Senpai V3 arcade cabinet in "Kado". This bespoke entertainment unit is handmade from start to finish by expert craftsman to provide you with the finest retro entertainment experience. Discover more Studio Stories via Maison Roshi, or explore the Senpai V3 collection in more detail.