Discover a collection of photos to inspire you in styling your Sensei arcade cabinet in your unique space. The classic Sensei complements various spaces…
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Man in green bedroom turning on a wooden arcade cabinet. Dressed in stussy shirt, carhartt pants.
Luxury Arcade Cabinet by Maison Roshi
Discover a nostal-chic gaming experience with the Maison Roshi bespoke Sensei arcade cabinet. Handcrafted French design, made for luxury interiors and the style-conscious consumer. Discover the collection and customisation options at Maison Roshi.
wooden dining room table with mid century style chairs with an arcade place on top with marvel super heroes game.
The Luxury Games Room Edit: Sensei V1 Arcade
What makes a good games room in 2024? Dive into our top picks for a luxury games room, from board and video game essentials to setup accessories not to miss and more. Read the issue at Maison Roshi - Handmade Luxury Entertainment Cabinets.
wooden arcade in bright contemporary living room with large windows.
Luxury Home Entertainment: Wooden Sensei V2 Arcade Cabinet
Maison Roshi's Sensei V2 arcade cabinet is handmade from finely grained oak, with the finest arcade finishes. Explore over 5000 arcade games with this stylish retro gaming console, designed for contemporary living spaces. Ideal for the style-conscious host, and a guaranteed games night favourite. Shop the Sensei arcade directly via Maison Roshi, with 3-6 free EU delivery.
Tulum style living room corner with painting and orange side table with arcade on it. Woman playing on arcade.
Sensei V2F Arcade Cabinet in "Dizzy"
Dive into a nostal-chic entertainment experience with Maison Roshi's handmade bespoke Sensei V2F arcade. Handmade and designed for games rooms, luxury living spaces and the style conscious consumer. Crafted in the UK and France from finely grained oak and luxury fabric and equipped with over 5000 arcade games.
a woman playing an interactive video game with her hands on the buttons and looking at the screen
The Return of Retro Gaming: Luxury Wooden Arcade Cabinet
The Sensei V1 arcade cabinet by Maison Roshi brings retro gaming to new heights with a premium build and a console with over 5000 arcade games. Discover the collection online and re-live the joy of retro arcade gaming.
Green and wood kitchen with gold details and mid century style. Arcade cabinet on marble kitchen counter wit game on.
Handmade Retro Gaming Cabinet: Sensei Arcade by Maison Roshi
An elevated retro arcade experience : the Sensei V1 arcade by Maison Roshi. Discover the exclusive arcade collection via Maison Roshi, and dive into a world of nostal-chic entertainment. Equipped with over 5000 arcade classics, and handmade from the finest materials. Shop at Maison Roshi.
Oink and green bowls with snacks on marble counter, with wooden arcade with pink buttons visible in the corner.
Bespoke Retro Arcade: Wooden Sensei V2 Arcade in Pink Quartz
Dive into the nostal-chic world of retro entertainment. The Sensei V2 arcade is handmade from the finest materials to provide you with the best retro arcade experience at home. Made for luxury games rooms, exquisite social spaces, bedroom accessories and bespoke gifting. Equipped with over 5000 arcade games.
a woman standing in front of a table with an electronic device on top of it
Luxury Games Room Must-Have: Sensei V2 Arcade Cabinet
You heard it here first; games rooms are making a comeback. Here's how to style yours tastefully with Maison Roshi's arcade cabinets, and more top picks for luxury game room accessories. Discover the edit now and get inspired for your playful home decor.
Wooden arcade machine on wooden table with magazines and espresso cup next to it
Sensei V1 Wooden Arcade Cabinet: Maison Roshi Handmade Entertainment
An iconic arcade model, unique in both size and finish, made in a striking oak veneer finish. The Sensei V1 is a classic, paired down arcade cabinet, with a sleek, minimalist design. This arcade comes equipped with over 5000 different classic retro games.
Living room with wooden coffee table and dining table, backgammon set on coffee table and arcade cabinet on the dining room table.
Sensei Arcade: Wooden Retro Gaming Cabinet
Elevate your living space with a wooden retro arcade by Maison Roshi. The Sensei V1 arcade is handmade from the finest materials, sourced and produced in the UK and France. It's compact size makes it an ideal add on to your games room, living space or cozy bedroom lounge corner. Discover the Sensei arcade collection at Maison Roshi.
Birds eye view of games room style living room with board games, arcade and woman carrying drinks. Luxury finishes and furniture. Gaming, Luxury Game Room, Arcade Cabinet, Design Palette, Unique Spaces, Retro Gaming, Arcade Games, Game Room, Entertainment
Sensei V2 Arcade: Luxury Game Room Arcade
Discover premium retro gaming with the Sensei arcade cabinet. The Sensei arcade is handmade from finely grained oak, and finished with the best rtero arcade accessories. Designed for interior and design enthusiasts, the Sensei V2 provides the finest retro entertainment experience. Customisable to individual design palettes. Equipped with over 5000 arcade games for timeless retro fun.
wooden arcade machine next to colourful cocktail and mid century glass bowl with candy Game Rooms, Luxury Arcade, Quirky Bedroom, Colourful Homes, Entertainment Cabinet, House Colors
Handmade Entertainment Cabinet: Retro Luxury Arcade
The Sensei V2 arcade cabinet by Maison Roshi. Handmade from finely grained oak in the Maison Roshi studio, the Sensei V2 arcade combined retro charm with contemporary design elements. Discover the luxury arcade via Maison Roshi. Ideal for game rooms, social living rooms, retro living spaces, quirky bedrooms and colourful homes.
Wooden dining table in open plan living room with arcade machine on top. Gold lighting on the whole space. Home Entertainment, Game Collection, Retro Arcade, Space Invaders, Pac Man
Luxury Home Entertainment: Retro Arcade Cabinet
Bespoke retro gaming for the home - Sensei V1 arcade by Maison Roshi. Handmade wooden arcade cabinet, designed and crafted in the Maison Roshi studio. Ideal for luxury game rooms, social living spaces and creative homes. Discover the Sensei V1 game collection, with arcade games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Street Fighter and more ready for you to explore. Customisable and made on demand.
Wooden kitchen with marble counter with an arcade cabinet on top of it with a neon coloured retro game being played by a young woman. 1920s Speakeasy, Retro Arcade Games, Social Space
"Sensei V2F Moulin" Bespoke Entertainment Cabinet
Retro gaming goes luxury with the Sensei V2F arcade from Maison Roshi. Handmade from finely grained oak and finished in the "Moulin" fabric from Blackpop, inspire dby the 1920's speakeasy, this arcade cabinet is designed for the retro and luxury enthusiasts. The perfect addition to your luxury game room or social space - discover the collection at Maison Roshi.
Earth tones living room with rattan lamp and carpet, wooden rocking chair and white couch. Woman walking to arcade in centre of lounge space. Cabinet Making, Unique Cabinets, Traditional Cabinets, Luxury Fabric, Gold Fabric
Luxury Fabric Arcade: Sensei in Dizzy
Handmade entertainment cabinet by Maison Roshi. Discover the world of luxury retro gaming with the Sensei arcade, comeplete in the "Dizzy" fabric.