Photography and graphic design by Bryan M. Ferguson

How great are these photographs by Bryan M. There’s nothing better than mixing photography with graphic design – the results are always so pleasing! The subtle pastels are &

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; fashion design development; fashion portfolio // Valeria Pulici

Portfolio ss16 overview

Fashion Sketchbook showing fashion illustrations, fashion design developmen, fashion portfolio created by Valeria Pulici

Valentin Chenaille for Tania Espinasse's graduate collection 'Empty Pool'

Fashion editorial, concrete, minimalist fashion Valentin Chenaille for Tania Espinasse's graduate collection 'Empty Pool'


Parallel Worlds

Fashion Moodboard - fashion design research & development; "Parallel Worlds" collection colourboard // Mirjam Maeots

Miu Miu is young, fresh and smart yet keeps its consistent elegance and sophistication. This collection takes historic references from post impressionism and focuses on women from the Moulin rouge and La Goulue. Inspirations of colour and playfulness of the collection have been taken from paintings of Toulouse Lautrec.

Miu miu collection

The formation of this collage is well thought out, as it's clumped together but has everything from the design to the fabric placed well, and it also has limited colours which draws the eye

daphgveld:  snejanal:  why??????????  they say its their ‘aesthetic’ but I think its all that inbreeding

"La Cuisine" S/S 2015 Pictures by Charlotte Abramow Design by Florence Bistarelli Graduate collection