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Mini cakes

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These are so beautiful-too pretty to eat !
Great cake pop display

cupcakes & cake pops

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a three layer cake decorated with flowers and an egg
Bolo Rosa Com Glitter 509
Bolo Rosa Com Glitter | Bolo Lindo De Aniversário, Bolo De
a white cake with pink flowers on top and gold trim around the edges, sitting in front of a window
a white cake with beaded decorations on it
there are many cupcakes with white frosting and berries on top
Dolce on X
a box filled with cupcakes covered in white frosting and topped with fresh berries
a cake in a box decorated with flowers and leaves
Beautiful decoration idea ✨
a white cake with colorful flowers on it
Little folk cake
a white cake decorated with colorful flowers and hearts on the top is sitting on a wooden table
Folk Cake
a white plate topped with a cake covered in blueberries, grapes and green leaves
a white cake with pearls on top sitting on a wooden stand in front of a wall
50 Best Birthday Cake Ideas in 2022 : Elegant Pearl Cake
27. Elegant Pearl Cake When it comes to celebrating the birthday of someone you loved, you will need a good birthday cake that can...