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30 Realistic Pencil Drawings and Drawing Ideas for Beginners

touch of red lipstick and you're ready to face the world!

Red Lipstick sketch: I like! A girl can conquer the world with 2 things. A pair of badass high heels and red lipstick

At Wish Interview, Volunteer could bring Jar marked "Wishes", made of 4 different stars. Could ask the child to write one wish for each type "I wish to be", "I wish to have", "I wish to go" and "I wish to meet". Then, the volunteer could tell the child to mark 1-4 in order of what they want the very most. Also - could be cute to have guests write "their wishes" for wish child at send-off party.

Wish Jar (wouldn't it be cool to let your kiddo write wishes on a star and put it in this jar and you fulfill (or help them (!)) fulfill some of them? Keeping faith in that things are going to work o (Cool Crafts With Jars)