Barbara Kruger uses space, text and photos as a way to bring her messages to a grand audience. Her use of words and pictures convey a deeper meaning. Her artwork shows the viewer how fast people are to label someone in society. The work shows how another person’s view can impact society as a whole.

Kim Kardashian by Mark Seliger for W Magazine November 2010 Art Issue / Concept cover by artist Barbara Kruger

Open Minded

really-shit: “ Spanish artist Antonio Mora is a creative photographer who transforms simple portraits into dreamy landscapes filled with intriguing emotion. In the series, entitled Dream Portraits,.

Man Ray

Kiss 1935 Man Ray "Kiss" is Man Ray's photograph in Dada style. Dada or Dadaism is a cultural movement that began in Zuric.

I LOVE my original D*Face print

I LOVE my original D*Face print