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BALLGOWN Tulle strapless Ball Gown, lined in silk. Shown in Soft Turquoise by Karen Caldwell

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kintsugi - When things crack and break, it is repaired with gold, making the object more valuable than it was originally. What was at first thought as unworthy or unwanted is now precious.

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The Morrigan - The goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. Her name translates as "Great Queen" or "Phantom Queen", both being applicable. She appears as a single goddess and in a trio. The other deities being Badb ("Crow"), and Nemain ("Frenzy").

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A world void of echoes. Her heart cries out into the silent shadows.darkness creeping apon her frigid soul. She waits.forever, but no one comes.too deep to heal.

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Celtic women who are strong and when pushed to it are excellent fighters, or as an enthusiastic Irish historian presenting a segment put it: “To be sure, Celtic women are real good scrappers” Here is to my fellow Celtic women!

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Her red hair blew back. Her navy hood popped over head. Small flowers glowed on her face. Her eyes were a glowing blue." My voice echoed throught the woods." She replied her face emotionless. -Emma Sumsion Do not copy

female fantasy character inspiration

A witch and her familiar. 'When A Woman Loves.' Consuelo Parra, by =Aeternum-Art Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Dark =Aeternum-Art. Via Roxanne Hartman.

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The battle has paused long enough for her to think.fuck these tears."come on bring the fire bring the pain so that I can battle and swing my sword" she screams! " So that my mind goes red instead of blue.

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Illustrations By Spanish Illustrator Digital Artist Borja Fresco Nekro. With a unique and personal style, marked by a desaturated color range with small touches of color, Nekro works especially with photocomposition.