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African Necklaces (made from Paper Plates)= for Thinking Day

This is one of my favourite projects to do with almost any age primary school class. I love that they all turn out so differently! They are...

This explores the colours of the rainbow, as well as involving food and healthy living. Healthy Eating Habits, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Living, Healthy Recipes, Keeping Healthy, Healthy Kids, Olivers Vegetables, Group Meals, Food Groups


What was today's highlight activity? What happens at our program? Come and find out!

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Flower challenge | Fine motor flower fun

The folks over at Tinkerlab have given us a new challenge and today's challenge was to do something with flowers... For our science center, I set out some flowers that were definitely looking at their very last

Making color stick designs from ice pops

Exploring color sticks in preschool

I save the oddest things when I find them. Like these colorful Popsicle sticks. I bought them at the end of summer from Walmart and put them away in a basket for a rainy day and it has been raining here all week long.... When I purchased

By using these torn paper notes, we can create colourful collages and see how light affects the colours and textures of the notes when they are hung.

Torn paper strip sticky collage

Before sharing this simple torn paper strip sticky collage with the children, I told them that we needed to work on building stronger hands and fingers and one of the best ways to do that, is by tearing up some paper...

How to Make a Spider Web Obstacle Course - Mother Natured

This "spider web" activity can help enhance social skills and strengthen language development as they can work in groups to figure out a creative and efficient way to get every child across to the other side, through the spider web. It also helps enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is a versatile activity as it can be done using minimal materials and can be done both indoors and outdoors.

justfordaisy: Silhouette and Shadow Play

Silhouette and Shadow Play

This morning Miss Daisy (18mo) and I wandered into the kitchen to get her bottle. It was 6:30am - a little earlier than usual and the sun was lower and really shining brightly through the kitchen windows. Miss Daisy noticed her shadow on the pantry and said, "Scarlet" like she would when looking in a mirror. I decided to use this opportunity for some fun play and a little lesson on the sun and shadows! Miss Daisy had a little fun on her own going up close and far away from the pantry and…