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an abstract piece of art that looks like it is made out of paper
Optical Disturbances – Bas Relief Artworks by Benjamin Plé | OEN
Optical Disturbances – Bas Relief Artworks by Benjamin Plé – OEN
a piece of paper that is made to look like an origami wallpaper
Sister and brother #origami #corrugation
Sister and brother #origami #corrugation | These two origami… | Flickr
an intricately designed piece of paper is displayed on a white surface with lines and circles
liz sofield artist
artist liz sofield 'Twisted Rhythm 2' hand folded and hand stitched on watercolour paper. #origami #paperart #embroidery #handstitched #contemporaryembroidery
an abstract white background with lines and curves in the shape of wavy paper origami
Pleat by Richard Sweeney, via Flickr
§ Exemples de métiers à plisser Haute Couture, Couture, Pleating Board, Mode Origami, Couture Embellishment, Structured Fashion, Fabric Embellishment, Textile Fiber Art
Exemples de métiers à plisser
§ Exemples de métiers à plisser
a white sculpture sitting on top of a table
Visual, Tactile, and Intuitive | American Craft Council
Matt Shlian Chiral Pleat 1
many different types of origami paper are shown in black and white, including one with
Gyazo - 2013 Structural Architectures.pdf - Google Chrome #appgames #architectures #chrome #google #gyazo #structural
an abstract white sculpture with wavy lines on it
06B; Shell - Richard Sweeney.
a dress made out of white pleated fabric
Pleat School - Threads
From Threads... apparently actually tucks sewn with wedge shaped fins but still good for pleat inspiration
five paper sculptures are arranged on a table top, with shadows coming from the edges
Course studies 3d weaving
Course studies 3d weaving by JOAN MICHAELS PAQUE, via Flickr
an origami paper sculpture is shown on the table
kite repeat | More sculptures by polyscene | polly verity | Flickr
Dragons and Knights Inspired Fashion - Album on Imgur Origami Pattern Fashion, Pleats And Tucks, Sewing Origami, Origami Skirt, Simple Origami, Origami Fashion, Textil Design
Dragons and Knights Inspired Fashion
Dragons and Knights Inspired Fashion - Album on Imgur
a hand holding up a paper origami wall hanging from the ceiling in front of a person's hand
Juju Sprinkles - Sprinkles of Happiness
Paper wall art
three different colored paper vases hanging on the wall
Ceiling, Floor, & Table Lamp Shades
Use our origami lamp shade to add a pop of colour to your contemporary interiors. These geometric shades look amazing against pure white walls.