Rooting Tips - eg: remember to do this in late July or August, to root branches and grow more hydrangeas =)

Dreamy Hydrangeas

Wendy's Rooting Tips - HYDRANGEAS.all about her master garden of them. Remember to do this in late July or root branches and grow more hydrangeas!

Pink Poppies. Beautiful =)

Pink oriental poppies and lady's mantle. Ladies Mantle is one of those plants that make everything near it look more beautiful.

Teapot Bird Nester. A quirky way of providing a nesting site for small birds, including wrens, robins, wagtails & thrushes - birds that prefer open nesting sites =)

Old teapot turned spout down (which will make sure any water drains) in the garden for bird nests.clever art in the garden. "BEST GARDEN IDEA EVER.looking for chipped teapots @ garage sales now!

When And How To Prune Lavender

I have lavender in my flower garden and when I take cuttings inside, its aroma is wonderful! How To Prune Lavender. Very useful tips =)

Ladder and lanterns... perfect =)

Pottery Barn Inspired Ladder Lantern Hanger- use an old ladder and mason jars for patio lighting.hmm, I have the ladder and old mason jars.

Copper gives snails and slugs a shock. Spread pennies around your plants for a non toxic barrier

BECKSTREET: Using pennies to repel snails and slugs in the garden. The pennies actually give the intruders an electrical shock!