Le Bon Marché - Martin Parr @ Janvier - Lebelge-retouche.com

Yankee pigeons bring cooler than coo to Paris at the Brooklyn Mania exhibit at the Bon Marché department store, FREE entry though 17 October

Martin Parr.

Available for sale from Galeria Lume, Martin Parr, GB. New Brighton. From 'The Last Resort'. C-print, 102 × 127 cm

martin parr bored couples

martin parr bored couples reminds me of bill brandt stone people on a beach

Magnum Photos - Martin Parr SPAIN. Benidorm. 2014.

The sun ain't out, but the sunny side is up This is what Saturday tastes like. from the new book ‘Real Food’, courtesy of

Martin Parr 1983-85. New Brighton, From The Last Resort

Martin Parr on his Infamous Photo Series, The Last Resort