Pretty painted wooden spoons

Little Bit Funky: painting wooden spoons! This would look awesome in the kitchen displayed like art. Find cheap used wooden spoons and paint in kitchen colors!

college bulletin board. ugh.. I can't wait.

This would be fun just to tack up on the library bulletin board. It would give a few people a smile :) and put up different Scripture - The Word of God, and to be reconciled to God is what we all need, Jesus Christ does just that : BELIEVE

Great alternative to a cork board!

Use old shutters for displaying photos, hanging keys, jewelry, etc! Love it! I also think you could make a cute Christmas card holder with this idea!

Break old CDs to create a mosaic frame. Love the way it reflects light

Break old CDs to create a mosaic frame. Love the way it reflects light. this would make an awesome mirror frame! OR frame a builder grade mirror in your bathroom!

Use sharpies of all colors and bake at 350 for 30 min. cool in oven, wash and it does not come off!

DIY Sharpie Dinnerware

DIY Sharpie mugs- Buy your mugs from the dollar store, use a sharpie to write whatever you would like and then bake at 350 for 30 minutes and it becomes permanent. Great idea for everyones own cup at new house!

Diy: Hula Hoop Chandelier.

So cool! I love this idea. How smart and crafty! Hula Hoop Chandelier - hula hoop and lace from the Dollar Store - Decoration for a porch or outdoor party :D

Sharpie Mugs

Coffee mug + Sharpie= 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Careful when you grab it, it has to cool otherwise you'll smear you design

American Flag Wreath - Plastic Cups

Maybe not the prettiest but still oddly COOL! ~hahaaa ~ World' EASIEST Wreath ~ July ~ Independence Day ~ Flag ~ Red White & Blue ~ Solo Cups DIY Wreath ~ of July Parade Craft Crafts Do It Yourself I may need to make this for my mans door!

whatever i,m late always Door winniethepooh

sooo me! A friend from work sent me a photo of this clock (we are both always late)! I had no idea where to find it!

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