Stitching Photographs: Various Approaches

raining / umbrella - Stitching Photographs: embroidery + photography by Diane Meyer. Link to awesome article on fantastic work by various articles who combined photographs and embroidery.

Photo by Richard Burbridge /Artwork by Maurizio Anzeri /styled by Robbie Spencer

The Embroidered Secrets of Maurizio Anzeri

Brillant collaboration between Richard Burbridge, Robbie Spencer and Maurizio Anzeri for Dazed and Confused issue June Cool fashion photography + embroidery on top of the pictures.

Artist Hinke Schreuders Alters 1950s Advertising and Fashion Photography with Hand-Stitched Embroidery http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/08/embroidered-images-hinke-schreuders/

art journal inspiration: Artist Hinke Schreuders Alters Advertising and Fashion Photography with Hand Stitched Embroidery mixed media fashion embroidery

cool embroidery (stitches)

gouache on paper with embroidery drawings by sarajo frieden, embroidery by Marci Boudreau framed size: x h SOLD