Catching tadpoles - (in my case it was actually frogspawn)  so fascinating keeping them in a fish tank, feeding them, watching them develop into frogs and releasing them back to the pond where we found them.

Spring was the time to catch tadpoles. We kids went out back to the pond behind my grandmother's house and catch tadpoles in jars. When they grew too big for the jars, we let them go back into the pond.

Who didn't wear stirrup pants in the 50s and 60s and then again in the 80s and 90s?  (ME..... I HATE THEM <3 <3 <3 )

Stirrup pants were essential for wearing multiple pairs of slouch socks in the and

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. TV Show. L to R, Leo G. Carroll.secret agents, Robert Vaugh,(Napoleon Solo) David McCallum, (Ilya Kuryakin) 1964-1968

The Man From U. Leo G. Carroll and his secret agents, Robert Vaughn,(Napoleon Solo) & David McCallum, (Ilya Kuryakin) The show ran

Batman 1966 use to have to go to the neighbors house so we could watch Barman in color.

Batman 1966 use to have to go to the neighbors house so we could watch Barman in color. Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, either Julie Newmar or Ertha Kitt as Cat Woman, and Vincent Price as The Joker

Go Go Boots. I wanted these so BAD and finally got them for Christmas - I was the coolest in my Go-Go boots and mini-skirts!

Wet look boots. Some people call these go-go boots, but I remember those as being ankle-high white boots that zipped up the back (at the heel).

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The Monkees 60-s-and-70-s-tv-shows

LOVED the Monkees! I watched the re-runs every day after school. I even had my friend Heather make me a practice flag with the Monkees logo for color guard practice. Saw them in concert the summer of my grade year.

KENNER: 1962 Give-A-Show Projector. Had something like this when I was a little girl; thought it was awesome!

KENNER: 1962 Give-A-Show Projector. I have never received a more exciting toy before or after this one.

"Eat Me" dates from childhood Christmas' ...remember the twig that you had to eat them with?

Childhood Christmas dates which used to come attached to their twig. The box often bore an illustration of date trees basking beneath a hot Tunisian sun.

Anne French deep cleansing milk, oh I thought I was so grown up using this! The lid was darker blue though.

anne french deep cleansing milk - remember cleansing my face with this the night before my wedding!

I haven't seen one of these for years, but the smell has come flooding back! The metal tops used to get rusty

Loved the smell of Sea Jade.The metal tops used to get rusty in the cold,damp, bathrooms.