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three birds sitting on top of wine corks in a white frame next to a potted plant
a white frame with a car and a person standing next to it in front of a stone wall
Este artículo no está disponible | Etsy
two rocks in a frame with a poem written on it
Good vs. Best Friend
some rocks are arranged in the shape of a woman and two rabbits
Szilajka Erzsébet - kavicskép- pebble artist
a painting with rocks and flowers on it
qvistdesign | Etsy
a small blue glass house sitting on top of a white surface next to two pebbles
Unique New Home Greetings Card - Etsy UK
two framed pictures with birds sitting on top of them, one is orange and the other is green
Sea glass bird on a branch, Framed miniature wall art
a black frame with a green heart on it
ArtSeaHeart - Etsy
some plants are on shelves and hanging from the wall
Rachel Bellman | The Sea Glass Artist
a white frame with three green trees and a quote on the front that says to the world you are our mumm
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two pieces of sea glass sitting on top of a white surface with the shape of a cat and a heart