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Será que há um de 4 folhas?! Dani Cabo

I love this because it looks very creative with the rain and the 3 leave clovers! great way to represent luck! this relates to OMS because luck has a big part in the story. This is different from mine because I didn't do luck.

<亀戸天神> 江戸時代から藤の名所で、 安藤広重の浮世絵にも 描かれた。 境内一円が藤棚♪ 池にかかる赤い欄干の 太鼓橋からの 藤棚の眺めが良い。 池に亀がいる♪ 花見頃4月下旬~5月上旬。

Hanging off the hoopah


Mountain Daisy, Lewis Monkeyflower and Arrowleaf Groundsel along glacial stream beneath Mt. Rainier in a firey sunrise