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London / Mania Mia is Fulham's best kept secret. Stocking both vintage and contemporary clothing & accessories. 307 New King's Road, Fulham http://maniamialondon.tumbl
Mania Mia
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Take a moment and pray for Gaza.

Take a moment and pray for Gaza. Yet the Senate continue to funnel billions of our tax dollars to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Gaza we love you and you are in our hearts .

Free Palestine, free gaza. Ya rab yahmehum. He died such an awful way... Jenna inshallah. Save our Palestine, save our gaza

He died such an awful way. Jenna inshallah (= so Allah want to, he has the chance to come in paradise)Save our Palestine, save our gaza

A child is not oppressed anywhere like they are in #Palestine. These are statistics direct from Israeli oppression.  The #Muslim need to think,especially in #Ramadan. Is the "quick fix" of giving money enough or do you need to spend your lives struggling for Palestine as your #Brothers and #Sisters spend they lives, literally?

Approximately 1397 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel Army and Police, IMU reported.See statistics according to DCI-Palestine documentation.

Story of the Palestinians..

Story of Palestinians. No matter how twists the truth, it will never work! Stop The "Israeli state" State sponsored Hand of Palestine! Occupation must stop!

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A Genocide . and the world is silent.We are humans yet humanity seems to be lacking!