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Koenigsegg Agera X

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, also known as hyper-cars, based in sport cars sports cars


johnny-escobar: Aventador and assualt rifles? If this image was taken in Russia then it makes sense, but if not then wtf is going on here?


If you happened to catch Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol when it hit Blu-ray and streaming services this past week, you might have noticed Tom Cruise tooling around in a very sleek hybrid sports car — the BMW cars vs lamborghini sports cars cars

the BMW 'i8 spyder' concept

The BMW Concept Spyder was a roofless version of the Coupe. The 2012 Concept Spyder was fractionally closer to being production viable than its hardtop doppelganger, and there were a few other minor, yet important differences.