The Wood on the Hill, 1912, Paul Nash, ink and wash on paper, "grey hollowed hills crowned by old old trees," Oxfordshire, England

"The Wood on the Hill" by Paul Nash, 1912 (ink and wash on paper) Nash wrote of this scene: "grey hollowed hills crowned by old old trees"

Paul Nash "Berkshire Downs" 1922

Berkshire Downs - Paul Nash, 1922 From the National Galleries of Scotland: “ Many of Nash’s paintings, even those executed when he was an Official War Artist, have trees and landscapes as their main theme. He regarded trees as symbols of Nature’s.

Paul Nash, The Elms, 1911/12 (Tate)

An illustrated essay exploring the lives & careers of poet Edward Thomas and artist Paul Nash

paul nash - solstice of the sunflower (1945)

Solstice of the Sunflower - Paul Nash, 1945 From the National Gallery of Canada: “ “Solstice of the Sunflower” is one of the last oil paintings Paul Nash completed before his death in Admired for its formal boldness and visionary qualities, it.

Dead Tree, Romney Marsh by Paul Nash, 1930

"Dead Tree, Romney Marsh" photographed by Paul Nash from ‘A Private World, Photographs by Paul Nash", 1978 - This is how the norms of Maycomb see the tree. This can also refer to the way they see the Radley's. Broken and troubled.

Paul Nash, Garden Pond

Artworks of Paul Nash (British, 1889 -