Thermometer by Eddie Lobanovskiy

I just spotted prototype shots of a simply beautiful weather app called 'Brisk' and it has put a stop to all my complaining about the sad weather icons that dominate technology. Designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy of Two Solid, the app works like a r .

A smart and fun little tool for paper prototyping mobile apps, the 'Ironphone'.

A simple piece of paper that can slide through the phone mock up. The lines are very simple but a bit more detail would be good.

POP. #iPhone prototyping made easy.

Creating wireframes on your favorite notebook. Take your time and sketch your interface carefully. Pen & paper are the best tools. Complicated software only gets in the way.

Paper prototyping a Windows Phone app

Introduction To Designing For Windows Phone 7 And Metro

iPhone app wireframes - featured image

Tips for Wireframing a Usable Mobile App Interface

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