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an old book with some writing on the page and it is written in red ink
an iceberg is shown with the words'the cultural iceberg '
Misa Sugiura MOMO ARASHIMA is here! on Twitter
Misa Sugiura ‏@misallaneous1 If you're writing characters from a culture that's not your own. #protip #writinginthemargins
the five c's of talent hand with people on it and words written in different languages
Questy on Twitter
Questy on Twitter: "Five C's of talent: #Competence #Character #Collaboration #Communication #Commitment… "
a room filled with lots of books and busturines
a tree stump with the words always remember that your present situation is not your final destination, the best is yet to come
some words are written in black and white on the page, which is filled with numbers
a black and white photo with the words, and what will you teach him? asked books