"With only the bride and groom in color, it appears time has stopped" - WANT THIS :)

With only the bride and groom in color, it really emphasized the purpose of a photo--a moment frozen in time. It really seems like time is standing still in the photo. I love this photo idea!

Antique Wedding Bouquets | Vintage styled wedding cake with flowers in between the layers. I ...

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Check out these gorgeous ideas for cake stand wedding centerpieces. See how to make flower arrangements on cake stands and cake stand centerpieces.

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I just would love some pictures of things that are related and would look good for a Secret Garden wedding.

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Having a white wedding? Feast your eyes on our white bridal bouquet ideas & bridal bouquet pictures. A classic white wedding bouquet has distinct elegance and formality and works well in all seasons.

Vintage Jewelry Wedding Bouquet | ... gorgeous. Again using vintage pearls and rhinestone jewelry

Deposit for classic heirloom pearl brooch bouquet -- made-to-order wedding brooch bouquet. Had a bride that did this with her grandmothers jewelry & hat pins, it was beautiful!

Antique Wedding Bouquets | Debbie's Vintage Autumn Wedding Flowers - Rhinefield House

For her late October wedding, Debbie chose a strong autumn, vintage look using the popular Amnesia and Vendela roses with gold sprayed berri.