Scotch taped portraits by Wes Naman

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around peoples faces giving them rather odd and funny features. Prints are available on his online shop via his website.

portraits deformes avec un elastique 8   Portraits déformés avec un élastique   Wes Naman portrait photo image élastique

After "Scotch Tape Portraits", photographer Wes Naman has created this twisted new series entitled "Rubber Band Portraits".

Scotch Tape Serie by  Wes Naman

Scotch Tape — Wes Naman - A funny series of scotch taped faces by Wes Naman.

For New Mexico based photographer Wes Naman, his scotch tape portrait series came about after a playful encounter with his assistant while wrapping Chris

Rubber Band Portraits by Wes Naman #photography

After "Scotch Tape, twisted and deformed portraits with tape", here is the new personal project by photographer Wes Naman! With this new series entitled "Rubber