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Mixing Graffiti And Trees

Funny pictures about Mixing Graffiti And Trees. Oh, and cool pics about Mixing Graffiti And Trees. Also, Mixing Graffiti And Trees photos.

Amazing Shark Graffiti…

Funny pictures about Perfect Shark Graffiti. Oh, and cool pics about Perfect Shark Graffiti. Also, Perfect Shark Graffiti photos.

graffiti wall in Seattle!!:3

graffiti wall in Seattle- Why have I always loved street art so much? Oh yeah cuz it is damn awesome

Why is graffiti frowned upon?? I see it as art. Colour on the streets.

These pieces are nice. the photo takes in the balance of the building aswell as the artwork. the photographer did a great job of centering the artwork when cropping out the excess parts of the building from left to right.