sliding cabinet detail

Branka Blasius e il minimalismo creativo Geometrie essenziali e funzionali per BB Sideboard

this is a way of making a sliding door for the station. I think sliding doors are very convenient and useful. It would look very good as well.

Perfect Butt Joints in Laminate An underscribe router attachment guarantees success. By Brad Holden   Long countertops or those that turn corners need butt joints. You can use several methods to make this joint, but the easiest way to get tight-fitting, professional-looking results is with an underscribe attachment on a trim router. The term underscribe refers to the attachment riding under the piece being scribed. The cut is guided by …

AW Extra 2/7/13 - Perfect Butt Joints in Laminate

AW Extra - Perfect Butt Joints in Laminate - Popular Woodworking Magazine

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