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the icons are white and gray on a grey background, including symbols for different types of devices
Geometric Icons - Ai
Marcella Tomori - Skillshare
black and white photograph of trees in the foggy forest with pine trees on both sides
hidden in the fog
Forest trees hidden in a haunting fog. Duvall, Washington, USA // Long Bach Nguyen
a black and white drawing of a man on top of a car with the city in the background
a black and white drawing of a city with birds flying over it
Get someone into a manga with just one page (READ OP)
the concept art for star wars is shown in black and white, with people walking around
thumbs1 by thatnickid on DeviantArt
thumbs1 by thatnickid
there is a cat that is walking up the stairs in the house and it's black and white
Se rentan ideas / Les idées sont loués by Paco Palazon
a black and white photo of an art sign on the side of a building next to a traffic light
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black, white e art immagine su We Heart It
a man sitting on top of a bench next to a row of chairs
Book Review: “Exiles” by Josef Koudelka
Nuestro gran error es intentar obtener de cada uno en particular las virtudes que no tiene, y desdeñar el cultivo de las que posee. Marguerite Yourcenar (n.8/6/1903)
the words keep it simple are black and white
Inspiring Quotes For The New Year | because im addicted
Inspiring Quotes For The New Year
a person walking down a long hallway with white walls
An entry from alexquisite, powered by
A figure spied down a long corridor
many people are walking around in the shadows
Interview: Street Photographer Explores the Loneliness of Contemporary Urban Life
urban street photography . #outandabout #streetphotographer #cityphotographer #walkaround #urbanphotography #streetart #artisticphoto #photoart
a hand reaching for a whale in the ocean
Life I Love You, All Is Groovy
szenorbi: “ SSz. ”
a snow covered mountain with trees in the foreground
Ama Dablam
Ama Dablam mountain, in Nepal Himalayas