Karl Blossfeldt, Cajophora lateritia, (Loasaceae), Chile nettle, seed capsules

Cajophora lateritia, (Loasaceae), Chile nettle, seed capsules by Karl Blossfeldt.

Karl Blossfeldt, Polystichum munitum, Holly fern, young unrolling leaf


"Tendrils of a pumpkin." Photogravure by Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932)        Tendrils of a pumpkin.

Karl Blossfeldt, German, Blossfeldt's photographs were made with a homemade camera that could magnify the subject up to 30 times.

KARL BLOSSFELDT Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) is recognised for his extensive and unique collection of photographic plant  portraits that re...

KARL BLOSSFELDT – ART FORMS IN NATUREKarl Blossfeldt was a German photographer celebrated by the Surrealists and early modernists for his pioneering close-up images of plants and flora.

Karl Blossfeldt | Photogravures from Urformen der Kunst 1929

from Karl Blossfeldt Photogravures Urformen der Kunst 1929

Karl Blossfeldt

Sanguisorba Canadensis (Canadian Burnet) and Vincentoxicum Fuscatum (Mosquito Trap), Karl Blossfeldt ^ Minneapolis Institute of Art

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