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four squares with different shapes and colors on them, each one has an arrow in the middle
Six Principles for Designing Any Chart
Six Principles for Designing Any Chart | by Manuel Lima | Google Design | Medium
three colorful hexagonals with the letter c on them, and one in the middle
We are proud of our logo - connection in diversity, support, interaction, collaboration.
the logo for feed hutch, an organization that provides food and drink to people in need
Study reveals two genes linked to disabling arthritis
an abstract design with circles and lines on the bottom half of it, including a green circle
Life is not a journey in Infographics/explainer videos
"Life doesn't have a destination for us to arrive at. It's a musical thing and we're supposed to sing and dance while the music is being played." - Alan Watts A project done in my senior year at SVA inspired by Alan Watts' sophisticated words about how we should look at our life. Design & Animation: Chusheng Patrick Chen Instructor: Hyesung Park VoiceOver: Guy Slocombe
the website design is designed to look like it has many different colors and shapes
Randstad – Human Forward - Mindsparkle Mag
Randstad – Human Forward - Mindsparkle Mag