As it was Misano Grand Prix and I'm a fan of the man in the picture :), the word for today is 'motocicletta' (motorbike). A motorbike 'race' is a 'corsa' or 'gara', the 'rider' is called 'pilota' and they wear a 'tuta' (lit. overall) and a 'casco' (helmet). And if like Valentino, you want to say 'it was a great race', in Italian you can say 'è stata una bella gara'. :) See you at the next post!

Valentino Rossi - You cannot help but love the guy. He has brought humour and fun to racing but also outstanding talent and he is known as The Doctor for good reason.

Não há maquinas vencedoras, e sim homens "vencedores" - Valentino Rossi

valentino rossi--looks like he's in his Ducati leathers (circa

Valentino Rossi vr46 Yamaha

Valentino Rossi Yamaha i love valentino rossi like and save if you do

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