repinning 'cause it's true. Monkey Bars -If you fell, you hit ten steel bars before you landed. It's a wonder we made it out of the 50's alive.

In the playground and school yard. monkey bars: Where you really learned to hold on. We called this the Jungle Gym.the monkey bars were the straight ones in a row where you had to traverse from one side to the other with your hands.

Candlewick bedspreads

Chenille Bedspreads - does anyone else remember being on your grandma's bed and picking one tiny bit of fuzzy stuff at a time out of these soft blankets? My poor grandma!

Using clear nail polish to stop the runs in your stockings

Using clear nail polish to stop the runs in your hose. If there was time, we'd hold the pantyhose out & blow to dry the polish. No time? just let the polish stick to our legs till later.

1977 - Elvis Presley dies

1977 - Elvis Presley died and yes, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news.

VIew Master - I Loved this toy

A kid could get lost in the story the viewfinder slides tell. There were no sounds but I often could picture how it was and how it would feel like going with my favorite cartoons on an adventure. The Viewmaster

stockings in a box

Remember when stockings came in a box? I think I was twelve when I got my first pair of nylon stockings.

Textings got nothing on shorthand!

I'd love to re-learn how to write shorthand. :-) It's would be a way to send almost-secret messages, since no one can read it nowadays. Texting got nothing on shorthand! I loved writing shorthand, forgotten everything I knew.

Esso. - PR devised a tail that you hung out of your petrol tank - brilliant - instant (and very large) Molotov cocktail!

Esso, tiger in you tank! Back in the they gave away a tiger tail with fill-up. I believe the tiger was named Tony.

We slept on these!

Curling your hair, style. Remember the plastic brush rollers with picks to hold them on place? After washing hair, you would roll it around the curlers. And to think we slept in those things!